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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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everybody who's talking mr. farrell would you pay attention to what people are saying instead of caring on a conversation. >> sir, follow the order. thank you. >> thanks for having this opportunity to get everyone's voices and opinions out. i think this is the best opportunity to get the chance to do that. those who were not notified, i just want to explain on behalf of the restaurant and the manager of woodhouse as well and i support this. and i understand that there is a sentiment of protection that some residents in the neighborhood are pushing. and i understand that's the case. but i don't feel there's a threat. the restaurant is always very sensitive to neighbors, the families, to every element that's positive, i think even san francisco has in itself, build a nice community, where you know each other's names and i think that element will help revitalize the location that can
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use some revitalization. the building is not being used. families will not be disappointed. i look forward to the opportunity to building new connections with a different neighborhood and enjoying the beautiful space in san francisco. i think it's a good chance for new families and new members to get involved, and to meet one another, interact, just playing soccer games, meeting at a restaurant. i believe the sensitivity of the owners and family and employees will help contain a lot of the threatening elements i'm hearing right now and i don't believe it will be a sincere issue for anybody. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> supervisors, thank you very much for your time. my name is greg blaine. i'm a commissioner on the assessment appeals board. i'm a trustee of the university of san francisco, and chairman of the presidio performing arts
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center, i'm a landlord in the marina and elsewhere. and i'm a resident at 393 marina boulevard. while i'm generally not opposed to the idea of monetizing park assets, including this one, i have some serious concerns about this plan as it's currently proposed. my concerns center on four things, lack of process, hours of operation, alcohol, and permit and commercial presence. the process for community review of this idea was completely inadequate. i'm farewell well attuned to things going on in the city, and in my neighborhood. and i only heard the first details about this last thursday evening, from an upset neighbor. we get notices all the time about stuff;+( >z going on at te marina green. why wouldn't we get something about this. we got no notice. and then to sneak it into a
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hearing on thanksgiving week, when everyone's away doesn't seem right. that any decision be postponed until better solicitation and outreach to the affected community can be achieved. hours of operation, my comments there, it should be concurrent with the regular park hours, is sunrise to sunset, anything beyond that substantially changes the nature of marina green. adding the sale of alcohol on a permanent basis completely changes the character and use of marina green. residents on marina green are good natured about the heavy use there but i think this is an unprecedented permanent change to a commercial use, and i urge you to postpone the decision until after the holidays. thank you for your time. >> supervisor farrell: thank you. before the next speaker comes up a few more cards, break francis,
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peter fortune, santino and james mcnifn. >> come up together at some point, be more efficient for you? >> supervisor farrell: that's fine. mr. fortune is up here first. >> peter fortune, president of san francisco beautiful, but unfortunately i'm not here in that capacity because as hard as we try to learn about all the issues that might affect the neighborhoods we didn't have notice of this and i think that process was backed up by the people who have testified so far. we didn't get notice and there must be a reason for that and it seems like it's the best kept secret although there was some attempt at outreach. supervisor farrell, will you
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send an e-mail around to your constituents and tell them there's going to be a hearing or you will sit down and tuck to all of your constituents about this so we can have a full and fair hearing and people can voice their concerns and support. postpone this hearing. i challenge you to do that. i get all your e-mails. i haven't heard squat about this restaurant. i don't know why. i don't know why you haven't said look, there's going to be a hearing, there's going to be a restaurant, everybody should come and voice their opinions. one more reason why you should postpone it, as i understand it you're going to rely on a ceqa exemption 15301 for an existing facility. you can read this yourself and determine it doesn't apply because it's only existing facilities says involving negative liberal or no expansion of use beyond that existing at the time of lead agency's determination. this is an expansion of the use.
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this exemption doesn't apply. you're going to get a lawsuit about this. so it's going to be postponed anyhow. postpone it until february and thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. then the mcnivens, if you want to come up. let this lady speak. please come forward. >> hi. regina passen tino, i live in the marina since 41 years. i'm a grandmother now. and i have my three grandchildren living with me, my daughter, and her husband. they use marina greens all the time. and they play soccer, and we have lots of function going on. i've never complained about anything about the marina, because we all love the marina, the openness, but i never heard of this before until two weeks ago. nobody knows in the marina that
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this was going to happen. and everybody is stunned, and in shock. and i love the marina. everybody loves the marina. people come from all over to look at it. but you don't want to look at the fish restaurant that smells up the whole marina and you have the children playing, and people drinking, and you know who is sitting there, watching the children, and maybe one they grab a child and run off with it. that's another issue here. so you have to protect the marina. our supervisor has to protect the marina, not damage it. and bring people in here that is not necessary. this is a community. we live not in new york, in the park someplace, where a restaurant is. i know where that is. there is no family living around here. marina greens is always family and children. and a villa has 60 children in
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there. they all play on the marina greens. please listen to us. i'm a grandmother, and i'm very hurt about this. okay. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is dillon mcgiveen one of the owners of the woodhouse fish company. we started it six years ago in san francisco and the goal was to really highlight the traditional regional cuisine of san francisco. we have dun's grab, oysters, clam chowder, things that are harvested locally in the area. we think this is the best way possible to showcase this regional food for the neighborhood and the visitors of san francisco. it's going to be such an iconic use, and i'd like to let my
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brother speak. >> hi, commissioners, supervisors, excuse me. thank you for having us. my name is rowan. i want to say thank you and i want to say that the neighbors are my primary concern. obviously it's the topic at hand i think that's what we can all agree on. and having two restaurants -- or three restaurants with my brothers, i can assure you that we're very aware of neighbors -- neighborhood problems, and i just want to say that's my concern. thank you. >> hi, i'm tyler. you know i grew up in the santa cruz mountains with my brothers in a wooden house that our parents built. and dillon was honored with the name dillon woodhouse mcniven and i live in mission with both my brothers and we're still in a wood house. so it can't escape us. i just want to say that we -- of the three restaurants that we have in the city, each of them
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directly border residences. we have people living above them and i feel like we take great pride in being responsible, and exceptional neighbors. so i look forward to inviting each and every one of you here into our next woodhouse. thank you. >> i'm jaimus. i like the phrase san francisco's front line. we're right there, prominently displayed and i guarantee we're going to make the city proud. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. at this time i have a number of more speaker cards. if i butcher the names that is my fault. satona scampa, blake francis, art scampa, don, and marine gafny. if you can line up on the right side in that order, please.
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>> hello, everybody. my name is satona scampa, i live at 300 block of marina boulevard, just smack in front of this degaus house that they want to change it to fish and chip restaurant. and i am against it. the reason i'm against it, i've been looking at this degaus house for 21 years. and the roof is full of different kind of birds, especially when it rains. and it's magnificent sometimes, migratory bird. and it reminds me of like galapagos island. so changing this beautiful shoreline to the restaurant is like putting a hot dog at half storm in iew semity and it's not right. then, second, you going to have
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a bunch of angry soccer moms at marina boulevard because on thursday, friday, saturday, people -- little kids, they come and play soccer. and their mothers, they need a parking. so this restaurant is going to take 50, 60 parking away. and i see -- i don't know if any of you been at marina boulevard on saturday, that this -- they cycle around, circle around, and many times they ask me, could i use your driveway. driveway i said sure. if i don't have to leave home i let them to use my parkway. the parking is impossible every saturday for these soccer mom. now you going to take 50, 60 parking away, that's going to be awful. third one, alcohol has always been illegal in public playground. in fact, marina green is the
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largest public playground in the city, with hundreds of little kids, playing soccer every week. to have a restaurant serving alcohol just a few feet away from all these kids is not rig right. we don't want to see late night public drunks. >> point of order -- you can't say we without referring who you're talking about. >> supervisor elsbernd: hold the time. sir -- >> you're out of order. >> supervisor elsbernd: don't engage. >> we don't want to see late night more drunk past marina boulevard. marina green shouldn't just be another -- destination. it should be an open space for everybody to enjoy.
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>> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is don, i want to say thank you very much for always taking time to hear all of us. my family came here in 1920. i'm a second generation italian. my mom and dad still live here. my parents live here. my sister lives here. my -- with his family. i coach soccer. i'm a resident and a owner and a business owner in san francisco. when i'm down there coaching soccer, and with this new facility going in, and has a brand new bathroom, that will help out a lot. i don't think it's an eyesore. i think it's been something that's been an eyesore for a long time and you're upgrading to where families can bicycle down, eat, be responsible, have a drink, and ride home. that's going to cut down on everything. additionally with this license, my understanding it's only beer and wine at the facility. and at the same time they have a
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six month probation. additionally we've been vetting these people in the marina. it's been in multiple papers, multiple community associations and we've been vetting it for over two years. i don't know the family they seem nice. it's not my place to say they're a good family or bad family but park and rec and all the associations in the marina have vetted them and we passed and did say we want them and we support them. and i ask all of you to say this is probusiness in fran san francisco, park and rec needs this money for different projects coming up. and i say please support it. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. -n speaker please. >> good morning. my name is art scampa, i live at 325 marina boulevard, have been there for about 30 years. i turned in some petitions this morning from property owners and residents, none of whom got written notice from rec and park or planning. because of this lack of proper
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notice to impacted residents i'm respectfully asking for a continuance until after the christmas holidays so a more deliberate process can be had. the building has been sitting there for more than 50 years so an extra two months is not much to ask. this is such an important and devisive issue that this matter really deserves to go before the full board with publi public cos allowed. what is troublesome for me is the suppression of evidence in n the -- master file. none of the objection letters including my own to rec and park are in the file whereas dozens of letters of recommendation for the family with whom of we have no beef. our opposition is the location. it's mearl a copy and paste job in the bayview. this is outrageous. there is clear conflict with
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recreation open space element of the general plan which clearly differentiates between the eastern and north even waterfront and western and northwestern waterfront. there are better uses for this small building which would be more sensitive to the environment and the neighborhoods. a good use would be as a soccer clubhouse for the kids. rec and park just got 200 million that would be a drop in the bucket. if they don't want to do it i would be happy to fund it myself. why would -- why would you want to put a modest rental income ahead of the welfare of the children of san francisco. there is a use -- nuisance impact on marina boulevard residents most of what face the marina green, to have a restaurant open 'til 9:00 or 11:00 is just wrong. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> morning.
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marijuan.i'm maureen gafny. when i was contacted with rec and park regarding a reroute of the bay trail in order to facilitate a waterfront restaurant i thought, great, we're going to -- assuming we would be asked to move the trail off of the shoreline. to my delight the bay trail will be moved closer, and it is the building that will move inland. this is a fine model and should be used around the bay starting with so, and the port et cetera. we have been working with rec and park and with dpw on the marina trail improvements anticipateand wecouldn't be hapt project moving forward. the addition of a restaurant will bring a welcome vibrancy to marina green and the bay trail. we support the move and really
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appreciate rec and park reaching out to us and asking our opinion about reroute of the bay trail and if we can -- any time we can have opportunity to move the bay trail closer to the water we are in support of that. so thank you very much. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. before the next speaker comes up i'll call a few more cards. well, this is the last chance. blake francis, bella turi, linsat. please come on up. you're welcome. >> point of order please don't start the clock. according to gloria romero you get 10 minutes per time. are you violating gloria -- mount, got that on point. point of procedure, point of procedure is anyone from the audience can raise their hand and yell time to any speaker. is that correct?
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no? okay. so my grandfather's general douglas mcauthor our country's first five star general in history. his parade after serving 30 years to this countries was in san francisco. my grandfather scouted gold. i am sir jesse mcarthur. mayor ed lee, christina loggy and the sheriff have 24 hours to resign. i have all the signatures right now. i have every signature i";( @ this is the recall state and local officials. this here guides local election and recall elections. they're done for. the days of people like this, my friends across the aisle, trying to bribe the people and say we'll pay for it ourselves, it's called bribery. i have the treasurer collecting the tax dollars. we need innovation not organized crime. we need family businesses.
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together to cause solutions to our problems that we have together. the traffic is a manifestation of what's going on in our city, everyone honking all the time, so rude, so ill mannered. family is where it starts. my grandfather thomas jefferson said a -- society is what keeps family together because based on family that's a family business, i don't know why we're having -- my friend across the aisle says we should have a place where we -- we should have the full board with christina olague, where they can have public comment. we're having public comment right here. what are you talking about. this is public comment. i don't even know their business. they want to be innovative to san francisco.bdpj please give them their business. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> thank you, chairman. >> hello.
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my name is bella -- i'm here not as a resident of manner -- marina but of san francisco, i'm in scott's jurisdiction. i came because, often when you live in the city, you forget what a great place you live in. and when you return to san francisco, and you cross the golden gate bridge and you look at it, it's a fabulous wonderful place and what makes san francisco great, cable car, is it the transamerica building. there are many things that make it a wonderful place to live. and as supervisors, and supervisors in the past, you've all been responsible for the great city that it's become. and as i thought about it, because someone had mentioned this to me, when you come across the bridge, you see that great field, that great view of the city, that's unencumbered. it's not central park, where you
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don't see it because it's in the trees. it's a great place. it's a wonderful place. i would ask the supervisors to consider what it is that's going there, not who, but what is the positive, what is it that you foresee in that area, what does it produce, what does it make. and so i thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, members of the board of supervisors. my name is herb mightburger, a resident of san francisco. i often drive to the marina green, and thought i'd say a few things. first let me complement all four of you for your patience in listening to all this testimony. i've been in the audience and my patience wanes from time to time
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so i must complement you as well as the open door policy in public meetings. this is amazing. i think the points are well taken that this meeting -- again i'm not in the neighborhood but i would certainly, from listening to the testimony soejí far that there has not been proper notice to do this. i would suggest and concur with the idea to continue this matter to a later date because of the notice issue. number two, the alcohol, it does change the complexity of the neighborhoods. it does. something have to go to soccer moms, do you want to seek reelection, something that soccer moms are opposed to. lastly, the parking. i drive there. this is going to be a big deal, the parking issue. i noticed the rfp was out for this. i don't know if these issues were vetted inapti thepvp2r r, but what's in san francisco does not need is another restaurant. we've got plenty of them. no matter how good or how excellent or the food i'm sure is very good, they're nice
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people, et cetera. but there are plenty of restaurants in san francisco and there's only one of these views that's available. so again i would suggest continuing it to a later date. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. as we get to the end of the speakers here if there's anyone else who hasn't spoken in public comment feel free to line up. >> good afternoon. lincoln chris, i am not related to any president. very simply, i've heard the arguments, it's interesting to come to these meetings because you learn different points of view and i realize you have to make a decision today. i look obviously at rec and park is going to make money. obviously the mcnivens are fine people and i believe they run an excellent restaurant. i have no doubt that everybody here is honorable from the point of view what they intend to do.
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my perspective is from this point of view. you are the custodians of the crown jewel of san francisco, which is the largest park in san francisco. we have 40 -- probably within chestnut street, 40 restaurants. we have restaurants all over the city. i'm all in favor of commerce. i believe i'm in business myself here in san francisco. but as custodians of the crown jewel of san francisco, and custodians of one of the finest views in san francisco, i don't understand why we need another restaurant. another restaurant is a very nice thing to do. there's plenty of spaces all over the city to do this. we have lots of spaces in the city where you can put a restaurant. but i firmly believe that as an open space we've heard issues of
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alcohol, heard issues of kids playing, all of these types of things. but i think if you look back, as we get older, at some point in time you have to look back and say why did i make9%($2x this decision. and i think open space, and an open space as a park, parks and recreation and restaurants. it's parks and recreation. and this is the idea of what -- exists and that's my processed measure. -- oppose this measure. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. chris lindan a resident of fort mason. i first moved there in 2002. for probably about eight years before that i've been running been able to witness the miracle that is chrisy fields and all of the development that's gone on there. and i've witnessed fort mason as san franciscan become the center of civic pride and culture and
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always new ideas. and i know the mcnivens and i know what you're doing here is effectively connecting dots between two important landmarks that brought so much to this city. i think everyone needs to remember that the character of this city is built on characters, as we've seen ably in this audience with the opinions that we have. and if there's any family to fill this space, you saw the restaurant to fill it, it's the people that you've lucked into filling this space. they bring creativity and enthusiasm to all the restaurants that they have. and everybody who lives in the neighborhood will view it as an opportunity to see friends or served a cup of coffee to or a fish sandwich. san francisco not only has the views but the people and these are able representatives of what san franciscans love about our city. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you very much. thks speaker please.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is douglas epi. yep. i'm a san francisco native, been living here 60 years which is a long time. i'd like to question seriously why this item is being heard in this committee. in my opinion, this committee is not functioning as it should be doing, and i seriously question why this item is being heard here. most political savvy people know that there are at least two other city committees that should be hearing this, rather than this committee. so i would like a discussion in front of everybody, especially on tv, about why it's being heard here, and not in those other two committees. but i have to be grateful that we are having this hearing this afternoon because the old audit and oversight committee kept having postponements so ive


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